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Using as far as possible home-grown or locally sourced ingredients. Chutneys and Relishes are great with cheese and biscuits, in a sandwich, served with cold meats, or a curry. All have been matured for at least a month before sale.

Onion or Leek Marmalades are sweet and sticky and go really well with pate and toast, or with sausages.

All made in our home kitchen in small batches using traditional open-pan methods.

All of our chutneys and relishes are made with cider or wine vinegar, and are therefore gluten-free. They are also vegan, vegetarian and dairy free.

Available in 3 sizes, Mini Jars (approx 70-85g), Standard jars (approx 190-240g) and large jars (approx 300-350g)

Please note the mini jars do not have fabric tops, and large jars are not available in all varieties, but can be made to order.

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