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Jellies are made by cooking the fruit, then straining it through a jelly bag, before boiling with sugar or vinegar. The result contains all the flavour and fruit of a jam, without any bits! They can be sweet, such as Bramble Jelly and Hedgerow Jelly, and used in the same way you would a jam, or they can be savoury, such as Wild Garlic and Chilli Jelly, or Plum and Peppercorn Jelly. These are great served with roast meats or cheese. There are also some that can be used either way, such as Redcurrant Jelly and Crab Apple Jelly.

These jellies are very seasonal as most depend on foraged wild fruits such as crab apples, rosehips, elderberries and blackberries in the Autumn, and wild garlic, mint and elderflowers in the Spring. So check back regularly for new products in this section.

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