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Making marmalade is a labour of love, which takes up to 3 days per batch. All the peel is hand-cut, and there is plenty of it! Full of flavour, from the traditional bitter Seville Orange to the luxurious Clementine and Cointreau. Set with the natural pectins in the fruit, and no added artificial colours or flavours.

All made in our home kitchen in small batches using traditional open-pan methods. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who needs a gluten-free diet.

Available in 3 sizes, Mini Jars (approx 70-85g), Standard jars (approx 190-240g) and large jars (approx 300-350g)

Please note the mini jars do not have fabric tops, and large jars are not available in all varieties, but can be made to order.

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